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Opel is a German automobile manufacturing company, which is currently a part of the General Motors manufacturing company, and is famous for the low budget mini cars that it manufactures for the local and the international market. Opel usually manufactures light commercial and passenger vehicles, like 2014 Opel Corsa, for sale in various continents and is a leading supplier of the mini cars worldwide. The company has been in production for almost a century now, with Adam Opel, the man behind this company, who started with bicycle manufacturing back in 1886, and was able to manufacture the very first automobile as early as 1899.

2014 Opel Corsa in action 2014 Opel Corsa   Insight

2014 Opel Corsa is a product of the Opel automobiles and is a supermini developed by the company to target the low budget and small families who would opt for a mini car. The Corsa series was started back in 1982 and has been successfully running as to date. In fact, the product is sold under various names in different countries, and has a huge interest in the international market. The company is currently working on the fourth generation of the automobile, which they have labeled the D series. The Company was able to manufacture and sale 3 generations of the Opel Corsa with success and amassed huge profits in that duration. The popularity of the Opel Corsa never saw a down trend and currently, eyes are set on the upcoming 2014 Opel Corsa, which is expected to sweep the markets when it comes to mini cars.

2014 Opel Corsa side view photo 2014 Opel Corsa   Insight

The facelift of the 2014 Opel Corsa was caught on spy cameras and revealed various details about the car that is most likely to be released later this year. The exterior of the new 2014 Opel Corsa is pretty much the same, with changes and modification made to the front. The front is expected to resemble the Opel Adam, whereas no other changes were noticeable on the outer layer of the body. The company has tried to refresh the fourth generation of the Corsa series instead of working on a new design, and one would come across several refreshing features in this new model, which would be comparable to the older versions.

2014 Opel Corsa Interior

What is interesting is that the company has gone for an overhaul of the interior, in contrast to the exterior and a lot of significant changes have been made to please the customers and attract more people. The improved interior would include the new steering wheel that is more comfortable and easier to operate and all previous issues would be resolved. A new sound system would be installed in the 2014 Opel Corsa that would features state of the art electronics and design that would be attractive and appealing. The front deck will be made of a much improved plastic of a higher quality that will improve cabin refinement. The company expects to improve comfort and pleasure to increase sales of the car. The price is not yet revealed but is expected to be more or less the same as its predecessors.

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