2014 Nissan Teana


Automobile industry which was once crumbling all over the world has now recovered. Although the past few years have left their mark on the overall industry still the industry not only survived but thrived. Now you can find numerous models of cars being introduced by automobile companies. Many of these companies are providing different options in every price range. Moreover, the successful models of the cars are also available in different variants so as to capture more market. The 2014 Nissan Teana which was introduced in the United States not long ago has now become a global car and is available in many international markets.

2014 Nissan Teana Front 2014 Nissan Teana

Specifically the 2014 Nissan Teana is available in China and adjoining territories. The car has the same specs as that in the models available in other countries and the price of the car is reasonable. This is to make sure that the new car is accepted by the people and many orders are placed. Since its announcement in the country people have been searching and waiting for it to hit the market commercially. Many of the Nissan dealers have reported high interest of the car in the market. The new 2014 Nissan Teana is designed with perfection keeping every single aspect of the car in to account and choosing only the best of the available parts.

2014 Nissan Teana Interior

2014 Nissan Teana Interior 2014 Nissan Teana

The new model has a new body with beautiful exterior and spacious interior. From the exterior the car looks stunning. Many new features and the shiny metal body catch the attention of onlookers. If you are choosing a car to buy or are looking to upgrade your previous model you must keep the 2014 Nissan Teana in to account as it provides power, performance and economy. The car’s interior is made with the finest material available and the design of the interior is specially made to be spacious. Though there are a lot of features and tweaks inside the car still it looks quite capacious.

2014 Nissan Teana Engine

Once you get your hands on the driving wheel you would know the power the engine beholds. The company has raised the bar with the new engine. Gone are the times with noisy, loud and vibrating engines were seen in cars. Now quitter, efficient and extremely powerful engines are installed and so is the case with 2014 Nissan Teana. It is powered by a massive 2.5L engine which is a luxury in cars. It can quickly attain the speed from 0 to 100 in a matter of a few seconds. Apart from the engine, the headlights and the rear lights are also positioned better to enable the drive to look in a wide angle. The car is simply a marvel of modern technology.

2014 Nissan Teana Side 2014 Nissan Teana

If you are still confused about which car to buy simply go online and search for the 2014 Nissan Teana reviews. Almost all the reviewers have given this car positive review. This marks the beginning of a new era for this model and for this company which is determined for perfection and performance with economy.

2014 Nissan Teana Rear 2014 Nissan Teana

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