2014 Dodge Barracuda review and price


2014 Dodge Barracuda, a brand of the Chrysler Group, is among the most valuable and popular group of automobiles that is manufactured by the Company and is among the most highly rated vehicles that are produced. The Dodge brand is known primarily for the SUV’s and the luxury muscle cars and is an American brand of car that is typical in nature. Dodge vehicles are known for the strength and speed that they have and for attract he racers and drivers who consider driving a passion. Among the most successful automobile companies in United States, Chrysler has successfully marketed its Dodge version of vehicles and continues to do so, with some amazing models and series’ that instantly capture the market and benefit with huge sums of profits to the company.

2014 Dodge Barracuda final 2014 Dodge Barracuda review and price

Dodge Barracuda is more of a concept car that is likely to become a reality is much similar to the Dodge Challenger series, the difference that it is closer to the Plymouth Barracuda that used to be manufactured back in the 70’s. The Dodge Barracuda is among the most stunning and uniquely designed cars that would appear in the market and several characteristics about the vehicle make it a prime target for car lovers. There is no surprise to the fact that the wait for the 2014 Dodge Barracuda is pretty hard for the ones who are dying to get a glimpse of it, and get hold of the steering wheel and press the pedal.

2014 Dodge Barracuda – Release date

2014 Dodge Barracuda front 2014 Dodge Barracuda review and price

The 2014 Dodge Barracuda is most likely to be released next year, with a lot of new specifications and changes to the model and a lot of added features to provide incentive to potential buyers. The exterior of the car is set to undergo a few changes with a new fascia and grille. This car would be more like the Mustang rather than the Challenger with a shorter wheel base and smaller length. The car is expected to be much lighter.

2014 Dodge Barracuda – Engine

2014 Dodge Barracuda front side 2014 Dodge Barracuda review and price

The engine of the 2014 Dodge Barracuda is expected to be more fuel efficient and eco friendly, as directed by the laws in the country regarding fuel emissions and efficiency. There are a few options that the manufacturers are considering and currently four of them are the most speculated of the lot. A 3.6 L Pentastar V6 with direct injection, a force fed 2.4 L Tigershark inline-four, Hemi V8 5.7 or the 6.4 L engine with direct injections are top of the line and are also expected to increase the fuel efficiencies of the car dramatically as compared to the Dodge Challenger.

2014 Dodge Barracuda – Price

The interior would be much more stylish and comfortable, more suited to the American muscle style, with front suspension controls moved to a strut step while the rear suspension will still be multilink. The car would have better steering and leather seats with improved trims levels to enhance comfort and pleasure throughout a ride. The car may range around the $60000 mark when released early next year and might be a great competitor for most cars.

2014 Dodge SRT Barracuda Preview

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